It’s Your Money – We’ll Make Sure It Works for You, Not Big Banks

Beat Inflation: Earn 8% APY While You Spend, Send, Save & Invest

Barn was built for you, not banks. For too long, banks have made huge sums of money off of your money, while paying almost nothing in return. It’s time that came to an end. Barn believes you, not Wall Street tycoons, should benefit from your hard work.
What is Barn? Barn is one simple account that automatically earns you 8% on your balance every year. No fees, no minimum balance, and no commitments.

Next-generation flexibility

Unlimited free withdrawals at in-network ATMs, pay friends and family fee free, and no forex fees.

You Are Safe With Us

We use industry-leading security tools and protocols, so your money and your data are alwayssafe at Barn.

Spend, save, send, and invest with Barn: Don’t let your money rot in a traditional bank.

Get the most out of your money today: Get up to 10% cash back on your favorite brands

Grow your stack: Buy crypto at 0% fees and cash out from any crypto wallet instantly.

Rest easy: Enjoy high-level security all data and exchanges are encrypted and securelystored.

Why Choose Barn

You Work Too Hard to Give Your Money Away

The Financial System Is Broken – We Aim to Fix It

You probably already know what’s wrong – big banks make billions of dollars off of your money, whether it is sitting in savings accounts, being paid in credit card interest, or as part of a decades-long mortgage.

Fees Add Up – and Up and Up and Up

It’s not enough that banks make billions off your money without getting you in on any of the benefits. They add insult to injury with fees, and surcharges on everything from using an ATM to get your own money.

Barn is the Answer

It’s time to turn the system upside down. Barn makes sure you, not big banks, benefit from your money. We pay in industry-leading 8% APY and pair that with no fees, no minimum balance, and no commitments – ever.

Who Are We?

We are industry veterans with experience in product and software engineering and years in big tech and with startup unicorns. We’ve seen firsthand how banks make billions off of your money while giving you pennies for the privilege.
We think it’s time that stops, and we pledge that Barn is a revolutionary replacement – one where you are in control, not Wall Street.
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5000 Naira sign-up bonus for the top 100 accounts on the waitlist.