Unleash the power of the Digital Dollar

Beat inflation: Earn 8% APY while you spend, send, save and invest

Beat Inflation and Watch Your Money Grow

Barn pays 8% APY on your balance and up to 10% cash back on your favorite brands and stores, fromAmazon to Etsy with no fees, no minimum balance, and no commitments.
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Enjoy the cash back rewards platform of the future

Access frictionless, delightful, and automatic cash back up to 10% on over 100,000 places when you shop, dine, or book hotels. No coupons or receipt scanning.

Buy and cash out your crypto instantly

Barn offers a powerful multichain wallet to buy crypto at 0% fees. Stop waiting up to 7 days to cash out your crypto. With Barn you can cash out from any crypto wallet instantly!
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5000 Naira sign-up bonus for the top 100 accounts on the waitlist.